Zeynep Gürsoy, the creative mind behind exquisite handbags, is a Central Saint Martins Art and Design School alumna, blending creativity with a foundation in Industrial Engineering. Crafted for women who embrace individuality and trust their fashion instincts, Zeynep's creations go beyond the ordinary. Her bags aren't just accessories; they're statements of originality and finely artisanal details. Encouraging you to set your trend and weave your unique fashion narrative, each piece invites you to embrace your style. With original motifs and a meticulously crafted design concept, Zeynep's creations elevate the art of finely made accessories. 💼✨

"Tara" means star in Sanskrit. So, with a Tara Folks bag, she hopes you can shine bright and be your most dazzling self. Just like a star, unique and brilliant in your own way.



Zeynep Gürsoy's distinguished handbag design has been chosen to grace the prestigious "Denim Loves Art" initiative by Çalık Denim, marking the company's illustrious 30th-anniversary celebrations in 2017. The exquisite creation took center stage alongside artworks from 30 international designers, showcased in exclusive events held in Istanbul, Amsterdam, and Los Angeles. For further details, you may explore the featured work of art at: https://calikdenim.com/resources/events/denim-loves-art