Tara Folks is an Istanbul-based contemporary designer accessories label, specializing in leather handbags made for active women whether she's nurturing or she's a warrior. She can be who she wants to be. She can be more than one thing and still be herself. The name "Tara" refers the pure light emanating from the Buddhist deity, which is believed to have curative powers. The designer imagines Tara Girl giving her power to everybody and everything to support and nourish.  

The Story 

Zeynep Gürsoy has an Industrial Engineering background and experience in manufacturing in her family's dairy business for years before she decides to move into a creative industry. Her fashion training began at Central Saint Martins Art and Design School in London where she had her M.A. degree in "Applied Imagination in Creative Industries." Her career took a different route through London’s inspiring cosmopolitan culture. It was in these years she decided to set up her own independent business that reflects the power of the feminine through her own adventurous, wild spirit and fresh and unique style. 


Zeynep Gürsoy's handbag design is selected to be featured in Çalık Denim's "Denim Loves Art" project for the company's 30th year celebrations. It showcased in special events in Istanbul, Amsterdam and Los Angeles among other artworks of 30 international designers. https://calikdenim.com/resources/events/denim-loves-art

The Values / Sustainability

Each Tara Folks bag is meticulously pieced together using the finest materials in a second generation family owned factory in Istanbul so that we assure artisanal knowledge and cultivate innovative craftsmanship.

We purchase our raw materials locally and use a local photo studio for our campaign shoots to keep our carbon footprint low.

We try our best to be sensitive to animal welfare. We select the highest-grade hides that come from animals that have been raised for the food industry. We do not use fur or the skins of exotic animals (such as crocodiles and lizards).